Duumaustunti: L’enfer, c’est les autres

As the Lone Space Marine descends deeper into Hell, he finds an infernal library and ends up in an intense debate on the human nature, marxism, feminism and dominance hierarchies. Stuck on buggy maps with no exit, he is about to learn that truly, Hell is other people.

Mods used:

  • Project Brutality 3.0
  • HontE_remastered_v1_1.wad
  • (X)-DHTP Alterations.pk3
  • (Y)-HR_Brightmaps.pk3
  • (Z)-Warp2_HQ_Liquids.pk3
  • DoomMetalVol4_HighQuality.wad
  • Flashlights_PB.pk3
  • WeaponWheel.pk3